Chris Kyle, Part II

Last Wednesday (February 13), Congressman Randy Neugebauer and other representatives from Texas honored Chris Kyle in an hour long Special Order. The congressmen and women spoke warmly of Chris' career, patriotism, service to others, impact, and family. The mood in my house was still somber - we'd buried Chris the day before and had only arrived back in North Carolina some 16 hours earlier. We sat on the couch, watching and listening the politicans memorialize Chris, still slightly numb from the past week. Then, one of the congressmen called Chris an "example by which we should all base our behavior" (or something to that effect). My husband and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. If Chris would have thought any of this was funny, it would have been that moment. Don't get me wrong - Chris was all of the impressive things he's been described as in the past few weeks. He was a hero. But if you knew him, you also know he was completely capable of being up to no good. He was, as Team Guys say, a pipe hitter. When I pictured the masses basing their behavior off of some of the rowdier stories I'd heard or eyewitnessed, it was a much needed moment of comic relief.

I was disappointed that more members of Congress did not choose to attend the Special Order. I realize they are busy and I am the first to point out the grave state of affairs we, as a nation, find ourselves in. One can hope they were off attending to the many issues requiring their attention. Still, it would have been nice to see a good showing of politicians who wished to pay their respects. In my last post, I wrote about the thousands of members of the public who have gone out of their way to make such displays. But then again, I do believe one of the biggest problems we face is that our politicians often don't truly represent their constituents. I guess it's to be expected.

If you would like to watch the Special Order, it can be viewed on CSPAN2's video archive.

During the Special Order, Rep. Neugebauer read excerpts from emails and messages he received from Chris' friends and former coworkers. We penned my husband's on the flight home from Austin. Here it is:

Of what are legends forged?
Are legends born of a practiced skill or cold lethality?
Are they bred by tests of physical strength, overcome and surmounted?
Do they exist because of records broken, distances, or kills?
Is a legend made of a number in the desert, a tally kept neatly on a paper in an office?
Can a legend be worn like a trident?

No. This is not the stuff of legends.

A legend is made by a man with immeasurable courage and uncommon valor.
It lives in the heart of the bravest of men - a heart the size of Texas.
A legend is forged by a man who would lead when others would follow, would risk gladly his safety if only to serve God, country, and family.
A legend becomes, through the blood of a man willingly and generously shed in defense of the greatest nation on Earth.
A legend grows through a man's unfathomable love for his wife, his son, and his daughter.
A legend spreads as a man's generosity, warmth, and infallible friendship reach out and engulf all those he touches.
A legend endures.
A legend is forever so long as the man's memory lives on in the hearts of his Brothers, his family, and all those who loved him.
A legend lives on.
Chris Kyle's legend lives on in my own heart - the heart of his SEAL brother, his pupil, and his friend. His legend survives in the memory I pass to my son, as Chris joins the ranks of our nation's finest heroes and warriors.
So long as there are men willing to defend the helpless, to hunt down and destroy evil, and to love their God, families, neighbors, and country, Chris Kyle can never die.
Chris, it was an honor to serve with you. It was a greater honor that you called me friend. Your legend lives on in me.


Anonymous said...

I was overcome by your tribute to Chris. Although I was not there in body, I was there in spirit.

patricia muse said...

Lindsey, thank you and Kevin for sharing such a wonderful piece and dedication to an awesome warrior. Kevin, thank you for your service to our Nation, for our children, and for our freedom. I am proud to call you two friends.

Christopher Downie said...

Name a US Naval Vessel in Honor of US Navy Seal #ChrisKyle #FinalFarewell Please sign this petition & RT http://t.co/aTvY1kYrOM

Granny said...

My son-in-law is a wounded warrior & just celebrated his Alive Day which just so happened to be on his birthday. He proudly served in Iraq & Afghanistan before being wounded in action last year. Our family has been following Chris Kyle and thank you for your postings & sharing these memories with us. There has been no other American hero like Chris Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Although I did not know Chris, I grieved as if I did. I really appreciate the detail in which you wrote. It is comforting to know that so many people were there for Chris's family and friends. Thank you to you and your husband's service to this country.

Anonymous said...

Just an old Navy warrior, saying...I'm hurting, for you.

Peggy Morrison said...

LINDSEY,thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories on Chris's funeral and grave site service.I am another of his fans and felt incredible sadness at the news of his untimely death.I can't even begin to imagine how how much worse it must be for those of you who loved him.I only know of him through his book. But that was the beauty of that book...it had the ability to make you feel that you knew Chis and Taya through the genuineness of the writing about their feelings. It all seemed so incredibly honest and heartfelt. It also showed that this legend was a living, breathing, fun loving man with a wife and children.I think the incredible show of sympathy and support to Chris and Chad's family and friends shows how much the American people want and need to show our gratitude and support to those who willingly put themselves in harm's way to serve and protect our country. God bless America, and protect those who serve her and the families who love them and bring them home safe.

V Latham said...

I heard Chris speak at Fellowship Church. I purchased his book and couldn't read it fast enough. His spirit came through. A true American Hero, and a true Texan with a "lot" of mischief up his sleeve. Even then I wished I could meet him, spend an afternoon just talking and sharing life experiences. (of course mine could never compare to his). I am still heartbroken, am proud of the Americans that have remembered him with dignity, respect and honored him as the whole person he was, brave, humorous, dedicated and all that he was. God Speed Chris!